Who we are

Welcome to Viniveritas. We invite you to discover our website after this short presentation.

Driven by our curiosity and passion for wine, we suggest you a selection of beautiful ‘nectars’ we have discovered in Italy, far away form the usual trade channels.

The adventure has begun with a crazy idea to replant the family’s vinyard in south Italy, which has been abandoned since more than 50 years.

This dream has become a project, we have finally realised. Thanks to it, we have had the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people throughout Italy: winemakers, farmers, craftspeople, family companies. They have shared with us their stories, their success but also their difficulties. They let us to taste their delicious specialities and excellent wines.

We are convinced that theses treasures need to be known and shared. We come up with these wines and we hope that you will appreciate their particularities. We have selected them according to our concept described in the dedicated page.

P.S. Hopefully in near future, we will present you our own ‘nectar’ which is being produced with our utmost care and with the help of wine experts

Lieu de Viniveritas, nous connaître