Terms of delivery


• If removed to our premises (attention: only by appointment, 076 490 05 10):

Chemin de Mont Robert 45, 1020 Renens

• For orders from CHF 300.- (including VAT).


• Up to 10 kg (about 1 carton, 6 bottles): CHF 12.-

• Up to 20 kg (about 2 cartons, 12 bottles): CHF 15.-

• Up to 30 kg (about 3 cartons, 18 bottles): CHF 20.-

• Up to 40 kg and over (4 or more boxes, 24 or more bottles): CHF 30.-

Delivery is delivered hand to hand. The goods can not be deposited at the entrance door. If the remi,ttee does not have the opportunity to be present at the time of delivery, a notice of passage is deposited in his mailbox. If after a second delivery, the customer is still not present the parcel is directed to the “Pickup parcelshop” (up to 20 kg) closest to home.

The delivery times indicated on the confirmation of the order are indicative and may differ from those announced.